Pilot Car/Escort Vehicle                 


Our pilot cars are GPS equipped and feature dual electronic height poles to make sure that your project gets to its destination ontime with no mishaps.

Our escort vehicle is equipped with the newest DeLorme GPS software in a laptop. With the permitted route preset in the computer, nearly all the guesswork about where the load is supposed to be is eliminated. This allows the driver to focus on moving the load safely rather than looking for road signs, and the chances of a costly delay or permit violation due to a missed turn are greatly diminished.

Most pilot cars are set up with one height pole which is set 6" above the load height. This means that if a bridge is tapped, the operator has to guess how much clearance the load will have at speed. It is nearly impossible to do this, which means that the driver has to stop in traffic and crawl under the bridge. This not only endangers the public, it could mean damage to the load. We are equipped with 2 height poles. They are electronic, each with a distinct buzzer
in the cab. With this system, we set one pole just above the load height, and the other 4-6" higher than the load. With this feature, it is then easy for the escort to tell if a close structure will be cleared without risking the load, and greatly reduces the need to stop the load in traffic.

Our pilot car drivers are fully certified, including the Kansas superload certification, as well as the new Utah certification, which is recognized in almost every state. (For more information on UT certification, please go to www.uspilotcar.com )